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GLORY's Corporate Action Guidelines call for "Respect for individuals / Talent development / Workplace safety," and stipulate that "We will respect each other's personality and individuality and strive to create an enriching and pleasant work environment." Therefore, we promote activities that inspire a lively approach to work.

Promoting Diversity

We respect the human rights and individuality of our employees and strive to create a workplace environment in which they can maximize their skills and careers. We engage in a variety of measures to create a workplace culture that values a can-do spirit and teamwork, and in which nationality, sex and age are not relevant.

Workforce (as of March 31, 2017) (GLORY LTD.)

Employees Regular: 3,246 Adjunct or contract: 396
Gender (regular employees) Male: 2,832 Female: 414
Disabled* No. employed: 110 Workforce percentage: 2.23%
Rehired employees 136
Average years at GLORY 19.6
New hires (April 2017 new graduates hiring) Male: 53 Female: 13
Managers Male: 1,061 Female: 13
Percentage of workers in the labor union 63.6%

Note: Include employees of GLORY Products Ltd., GLORY Friendly Co., Ltd., GLORY System Create Ltd. and GLORY Mechatronics Ltd.

Promoting Stronger Roles for Women

GLORY Women's College

GLORY Women's College

Since fiscal 2011, our efforts to raise employee consciousness about gender equality have included lectures and seminars of employees by specialists from outside the company. As a result, we have been conducting manager training, which we believe is essential to creating diversity in women's career choices and understanding at the workplace so that women can play a more active role. We also seek to nurture a more ambitious approach to work on the part of female employees and prepare them for managerial candidacy by holding "GLORY Women's College program" as well as other means of invigorating our female workforce. Group work and other programs are conducted by GLORY Women's College throughout the year, in an effort to create new awareness of career advancement opportunities.

Hiring People with Disabilities

In April 1999, GLORY established a subsidiary, GLORY Friendly Co., Ltd., with the specific aim of creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Supervised by task instructors, the workers enthusiastically carry out their work with a common motto: "Foster a creative working environment by valuing communication with one another and fully demonstrating our skills." Their jobs include groundskeeping at Group companies, sorting internal documents and mail, and managing industrial waste.

Cleaning up a local park

Cleaning up a local park

Cleaning offices

Cleaning offices

Rehiring Elderly Workers

We have established standards for employment extension in accordance with the Act on Stabilization of Employment of Elderly Persons and in addition to securing our workforce this allows us to make effective use of our employees' stores of experience and knowledge.

Promoting Work–Life Balance

"Kurumin" mark

"Kurumin" mark

GLORY has implemented a variety of measures to prevent long hours so our employees can enjoy a good work–life balance. For example, every Wednesday is firmly set as a "no-overtime day," and working hours are monitored to keep overtime within a fixed annual range.

We also have created a childcare leave system as well as a system for shorter working hours to enable childcare. The latter system is applicable through the time an employee's child is in third grade, to create an environment in which female employees can feel secure about continuing work.

We received the Next-Generation Certification Mark (known as the "Kurumin" mark) from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare in 2013 in recognition of our policies based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation.

Fair Evaluation and Treatment

Created with the goal of establishing a motivating work environment, our evaluation system, which applies to all employees, encompasses the setting of targets and evaluation of results, as well as the creation of opportunities for individual consultation with superiors.

Our Personnel System Guidebook concerning the Evaluation/Treatment/Remuneration System is made available to all employees, with the results of evaluations also disclosed to employees individually, thus increasing fairness, transparency and credibility.

Education and Training

We believe that the growth of each individual employee is tied to the growth of the Company, so we conduct a variety of educational and training programs.

In recent years, we have been putting effort into career education, and with the goal of producing self-sufficient personnel we have been conducting the First Career Program whereby employees consider their careers when they enter the Company, during their fourth year, and at age 30. We also have Life Career Studies in which employees consider their future life plan and how they can work to their full potential until retirement.

We have also implemented an Overseas Trainee Program for practical training through on-the-job training at GLORY Group companies, with the goal of cultivating global personnel.

We also provide a self-improvement program offering occupational training for gaining specialized skills and knowledge, language training, IT and management courses that can be chosen by employees themselves.

New employee training

New employee training

First Career Program

First Career Program

Labor Union Relations

GLORY has concluded a labor agreement with the GLORY Worker's Union, and has established a joint labor management council with the goal of developing as an energetic corporate group. Management works with the labor union to build trust-based relationships and help promote a good work–life balance.

Occupational Safety and Health

Mental health training at the Tokyo Regional Office

Mental health training at the Tokyo Regional Office

We have established safety and health committees at 13 business sites and assigned industrial physicians to help our employees manage their health and establish a safe, secure workplace that is free of accidents. An Occupational Safety and Health System is in place at the head office site. Under the System, we pursue safety efforts based on safety and health management standards at the departmental level and work to prevent disasters through risk assessment.

We also have three counselors, including those inside and outside the Company, who are available for individual counseling to help preserve the mental health of our employees. We also conduct mental health training, and our counselors provide information via the in-house newsletter and the intranet, creating an environment in which employees can feel free to seek counseling.

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