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September 07, 2017

Development of a New Currency Change Dispensing and Recycling System "R03 series" for convenience stores

- Delivering a suitable function within a compact body. Enables efficiency and precision in cash handling at a cash register -

cash recycler
Left:Coin Recycler RT-R03 Right:Banknote Recycler RAD-R03 Comparison with the recycler 300 series
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Main features:

  • 10% width reduction compared to our company's products*1
  • "Flatten cash input/output unit (slot) on the left side" for easier cash transaction; enables proper positioning and movement of the operator.

GLORY LTD. developed the new cash recycler "RT-R03" and "RAD-R03" which interlock with the POS register and automate calculation and withdrawal of change at the convenience store; sales begins in November 2017 as "R03 series".

Since GLORY began the sales of Japan's first coin and banknote recycler in 1992, we have been expanding sales promotion to a supermarket, a specialty store and a restaurant. In late years, installing of the cash recycling system at retailers including the major food supermarket has been established; it is becoming the infrastructure equipment as with the POS register. Meanwhile, installations of the coin and banknote recycler have increased at the convenience store due to the diversity of duties and difficulty of securing human resources. The coin and banknote recycler is installed to reduce the duties of a casher and a store owner, rigid impartiality of cash management and improve the operation by an inexperienced casher.

In the development of the new recycler R03, the movement of the casher was studied thoroughly and a suitable function for easier operation with a compact body was realized.

In general, the space of the counter area of the convenience store is small and compact equipment is required. Accordingly, the new mechanism is adopted to the R03 series; its width reduced around 10% and the surface flattened from the previous recycler 300 series. Additionally, the cash inlet/outlet is re-arranged from the right side to the left side for easier operation and a display screen to check the machines condition and guidance is removed; the system to display the change information on a screen is adopted instead.

GLORY will continue striving to solve the challenges our customers have and create new values, offering total solutions to improve the efficiency and precision at various stores with a variety of our product line-up centering on coin and banknote recycler.

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