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Purchasing Policy

Basic philosophy

We, as a GLORY Group, procure parts from our suppliers in a fair and transparent manner in all aspects of our transactions, while strictly observing related laws and regulations, and establishing the relationship built on the trust with them as their partner. We also proceed our procurement activities taking into consideration of the concept of both CSR and the environmental conservation for developing sustainable societies.

1.Strict compliance with legal and social norms

In addition to strict compliance with applicable laws, we respect the ethical norms of society and promote transparency, fairness, and equitability in our purchasing activities.

2.Environmental preservation

Based on GLORY's Environmental Policy, "We will act in earth-friendly ways and endeavor to provide environment-friendly with the consent of the company." We are committed to environmental preservation initiatives, and we have established Green Procurement Standards covering the purchasing and procurement of materials.

3.Fairness and impartiality in transactions

GLORY provides opportunities on an impartial basis to all suppliers who comply with our selection guidelines, regardless of whether or not they are based in Japan and without regard to prior transaction history. We endeavor to find the best suppliers for our company by maintaining free competition and ensuring fair evaluation and selection.

4.Maintenance of quality and competitive and reasonable pricing

Our Quality Policy is "We will provide products and services in a timely manner to win the confidence and satisfaction of customers." We focus on quality, price, delivery schedules, and technology development, and we make active use of proposals from our suppliers regarding new materials and ways to lower costs.

5.Mutual advancement based on relationships of trust

Through fair transactions, we aim to establish relationships of trust with suppliers and contribute to our mutual advancement.

6.Management and protection of information

Confidential business and technical information acquired by GLORY in the course of purchasing transactions is managed strictly and never divulged to outside parties without the consent of the supplier concerned.

7.Promotion of CSR-conscious procurement

We promote our procurement activities through seriously considering the concept of CSR.

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