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Last updated: August 4, 2016

Long-Range Vision 2018 and 2017 Medium-Term Management Plan

GLORY will celebrate its centennial anniversary in 2018. We established the Long-Range Vision 2018 as a shared goal for the realization of “GLORY as the world’s top brand,” the Group business vision, in this milestone year. Also, we have launched the 2017 Medium-Term Management Plan, a business plan covering the three-year period from April 2015, as the final step toward realization of the Long-Range Vision 2018.

Long-Range Vision 2018 and 2014 Medium-Term Management Plan (Image)

  • Long-Range Vision 2018
  • 2017 Medium-Term Management Plan
  • Past Medium-Term Management Plan

Long-Range Vision 2018

[Long-Term Basic Policy]
Create new value through “superb manufacturing technique” and pursue dreams for the future
Seek sustained corporate growth together with society through CSR activities
[Long-Term Performance Targets (FY2018)]

Consolidated net sales:260 billion yen, Consolidated operating margin:12%

[Long-Term Basic Strategy]
1.Business Strategy
Domestic operations: Capture untapped markets and introduce new products
Overseas operations: Enhance business expansion in new business fields in developed countries and in emerging economies
New businesses: Establish operations in the non-money-handling field
2.Constitutional Strategy
Develop pioneer technologies to become GLORY’s backbone and apply inimitable excellence in “manufacturing technique”
Realize QCD (quality, cost, delivery) that supports the business strategy
3.Corporate Management Strategy
Establish solid business infrastructure of the Group and develop global human capital
Maximize synergies of Group management
  • Long-Range Vision 2018
  • 2017 Medium-Term Management Plan
  • Past Medium-Term Management Plan

2017 Medium-Term Management Plan

[Basic Policy]
Realize business growth through "customer-oriented superb manufacturing" and enhance profitability to achieve the Long-Range Vision 2018
[Targets (FY2017)]
Consolidated performance targets
Net sales: 260 billion yen(Overseas sales ratio:50%)/ Operating income: 28 billion yen
Consolidated management target
Return on Equity (ROE): 8%

*Exchange rate assumptions USD 1=JPY 120, EUR 1=JPY 130, GBP 1=JPY 175

[Basic Strategy]
1. Business Strategy
Enhance profitability by expanding business size/area
1) Domestic Business Strategy
Strengthen sales force
Expand business by enhancing ability to meet market needs
 Domestic sales by business segment
2) Overseas Business Strategy
Execute region-specific strategies based on exhaustive market analysis
Expand direct sales/maintenance network aiming for revenue growth
Explore and promote new businesses leveraging technologies accumulated in the domestic market
Overseas sales by geographical segment
2. Constitutional Strategy
Provide timely products and services meeting market needs
1) Product Development Strategy
Enhance development capabilities of core technologies
Reinforce product development structure for overseas markets
2) Production/Procurement Strategy
Establish global production system
Promote global procurement
3) Quality Assurance Strategy
Strengthen quality assurance function for overseas market
3. Corporate Management Strategy
Reinforce group management infrastructure
1) Group Governance Strategy
Promote management adhering to the corporate philosophy
Enhance management capability on a global level
2) Human Resource Strategy
Cultivate and utilize human resources for global business expansion
Promote diversity of human resources
3) Capital/Financing Strategy
Maintain stable dividend payouts
Improve capital efficiency
4) Information System Strategy
Establish information platform under pinning business activities
Enhance information security system
  • Long-Range Vision 2018
  • 2017 Medium-Term Management Plan
  • Past Medium-Term Management Plan

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